Monday, March 27, 2017

Barack Obama Would have Won, if Could Have Run Again

To Win Again, Democrats Must Stop Being the Abortion Party

The article in the link above is all BS. Hillary Clinton didn't win because of sexism and nothing else, if Obama could have run again, he would have won. This election showed us that America people are a lot more sexist than racist. 

In America no matter what woman is running, will never be the right woman! This election showed us loud and clear that there are different standards for women and men in this country! Donald Trump literally could get away with murder and not lose any votes. As he said he could stand on New York’s Fifth Avenue “and shoot somebody” and still not lose voters." 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Your lovely book!

Your “journey” has brought you to a level of understanding and peace that so few have.  And you had to share your life’s story so that others could benefit…and you did it in a way that others could understand and see that they, too, could overcome the bonds of their childhood and live a full life.  Thank you!
I have primarily focus my “journey” on my “spiritual” growth and have neglected my true emotional development.  My spiritual journey has brought me to a level of peace and acceptance of many things that apparently upset others such as sexual identity, death, abortion, and other social issues.  As a psychologist who had provided therapy and a lot of psychodiagnostic testing, I have neglected my emotional history (like many you refer to).  Like so many I, too, always remembered by childhood in such positive ways due to having a “happy” childhood.  After I divorced my first wife, my parents “disowned” me.  They couldn’t accept that their son would do such a thing and hurt his wife and children (three daughters). I excused them since I knew that “lose” was an issue within their lives since they had lost a son before I had been born.   Then I began to realize how their “love” had always been so conditional and they had always dealt with any strong emotional issue by withdrawing themselves and their love.  After losing my second wife of 16 years to brain cancer, I met Sally.  We are best friends and now (since 12/12/12) are husband and wife!
Sally had a journey like yours with much emotional abuse as a child from parents who were both schizophrenic and alcoholics and who through her two marriages and much therapy and AA involvement transcended into a loving and self-understanding person.  Between Sally confronting me with my past and challenging and encouraging me to look again at those sources of issues and then reading your book has opened new understanding….my journey continues in letting those experiences and early emotions (much which were denied and excused by my parents since they were both emotionally unavailable due to their own issues) come forth, experience them, confront them, and then move on with even greater peace and love of myself and others.  My journey continues!
Thank you!  Being dyslexic as a child, you have overcome or mastered your learning issues to be able to relate in a wonderful way to others.  Your style of writing is easy to read, enjoyable, and thought provoking.  Great job!  I’ve tested children and adults for dyslexia and other learning disabilities throughout my career and still do evaluations for college students seeking special accommodations on tests (extended time, alternative test taking site, etc.) and consult with some local private schools, doing testing for children with learning or emotional issues so that they can receive special educational services.  I love doing the testing and have given up all therapy since I’m semi-retired.
I do agree with you about “therapists” and other mental health people.  When I was seeking therapy for myself during my divorce, I had much difficulty finding someone I could relate to and with whom I felt comfortable.  I do know several who would meet your criterion who are loving, caring, and very self-aware of themselves and their own histories and who are really good and effective therapists.  You might like to read Voices in the Family by Dan Gottlieb.  Dan is a friend who has been paralyzed for a number of years (from a car accident) and was on NPR for a while.  He lives in southern NJ and had practiced in Philadelphia.  He continues to write and has a number of books, several talking with his grandson who has autism about life (Letters to Sam).  He, like you, writes in a comforting and loving way through which others can abstract the underlying emotions and gather great wisdom and understanding about themselves and others.
I’ll end now but just wanted you to know a little about the effect that your book had on me and some of my background.   I will continue to grow in emotional understanding and spiritual awareness, even more now due to reading your book.  Thank you for your life, your sharing of it, and for being a really caring person!  Peace.
E (I look forward to continued communication and friendship via FB, blogs, email, etc.)

Hi E,
I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to your e-mail, but still needing a real job at the moment to take care of myself; it takes a lot of my time and most days after work I’m beat with little time and without disposition to write anymore. Having a job dealing with the public, where almost everyone unconsciously and compulsively are looking for a scapegoat to take revenge for the wrongs done to them when they were defenseless little children and having to be constantly on guard, it’s very draining that after work I just want to relax, go for walk and play with my cats.
Thank you for writing to share so much about yourself with me. I don’t come across very often of mental health professionals willing to share anything about themselves.
It means a lot to me that someone in the metal health profession appreciates my book and doesn’t feel threaten by  it, like most do, actually you are the first person in the mental health profession not to feel threaten by it. Most feel too threaten by me and pretend not to see me and don’t acknowledge my existence — hoping I will never get notice by anyone.
Hearing that you find my book helpful in your own journey and opened your understanding; makes all my hard work of writing it and all the emotional harassment I have been through in the work place after I publish my book worthwhile.
I’m sorry your present wife, S had a similar journey to mine with much emotional abuse and neglect as a child from parents that were both schizophrenic and alcoholics. No child should be born to suffer all alone in an emotional desert island like we did. But we are a few of the lucky ones that after a long journey, we have been able to break free, from the emotional prison of our childhood with two health legs to stand on without crutches  and able enjoy the rest of our lives in freedom.  I had exactly the same experience as Alice Miller, just like she wrote in her article  “The Longest Journey”  “ has been a very long Journey, it has taken me also all of my life to finely free myself of all the crutches and get two healthy legs to stand on.”
I’m sorry your parents disowned you after you got divorced. I had my dancing money embezzled and pretty much rejected and ostracized by everyone — so in a way I have been disowned too — being rejected and ostracized is a price we pay, most of the time, for being authentic and true to ourselves, but all of my life has been a risk I’m willing to take. I rather die than live a false life like most people. All of my life I could not help myself, but be true to myself.
Staying true to ourselves even at the risk of losing the people we love, the pain is deep but we must stay true to ourselves.  These words by Alice Miller are so true: “…Witness of sudden political upheavals report again and again with what astonishing facility many people are able to adapt to a new situation. Overnight they can advocate views totally different from those they held the day before—without noticing the contradiction. With the change in power structure, yesterday has completely disappeared for them.
And yet, even if this observation should apply to many—perhaps even the most—people, it is not true for everyone. There have always been individuals who refused to be reprogrammed quickly, if ever. We could use our psychoanalytic knowledge to address the question of what causes this important, even crucial, difference; with its aid, we could attempt to discover why some people are so extraordinarily susceptible to the dictates of leaders and groups and why others remain immune to these influences.
We admire people who oppose the regime in a totalitarian country and think they have courage or a “strong moral sense” or have remained “true to their principles” or the like.  We may also smile at their naiveté, thinking, “Don’t they realize that their words are of no use at all against this oppressive power?  That they will have to pay dearly for their protest?”
Yet it is possible that both those who admire and those who scorn these protesters are missing the real point:  individuals who refuse to adapt to a totalitarian regime are not doing so out a sense of duty or because of naiveté but because they cannot help but be true to themselves.  The longer I wrestle with these questions, the more I am inclined to see courage, integrity, and a capacity for love not as “virtues,” not as moral categories, but as the consequences of a benign fate.
Morality and performance of duty are artificial measures that become necessary when something essential is lacking.  The more successfully a person was denied access to his or her feelings in childhood, the larger the arsenal of intellectual weapons and the supply of moral prostheses has to be, because morality and a sense of duty are not sources of strength or fruitful soil for genuine affection.  Blood does not flow in artificial limbs; they are for sale and can serve many masters.  What was considered good yesterday can—depending on the decree of government or party—be considered evil and corrupt today, and vice versa.  But those who have spontaneous feelings can only be themselves.  They have no other choice if they want to remain true to themselves.  Rejection, ostracism, loss of love, and name calling will not fail to affect them; they will suffer as a result and will dread them, but once they have found their authentic self they will not want to lose it.  And when they sense that something is being demanded of them to which their whole being says no, they cannot do it.  They simply cannot.”
Again thank you for writing and congratulations for your courage to be authentic even at the risk of losing the people you love.
Best wishes,

Beauty Stealer

Good day Sylvie,

Thank you for your last email and for taking a great chunk of your time writing and sharing with me about real stuff.

Today I want to take it a little lightly since it’s Friday.

I saw your post on FB about not wasting anymore of yourself on ''obtuse'' and senseless beings. Congratulations!  Basically, I find that all this hard work is paying off in the simple fact that you know who you are and you are only looking for soul connections to share your precious time, energy and spirited being with. Point final!

Unfortunately, or fortunately, very few individuals are worth this special kind of attention and dedication that, as a loving and available and free person, you are opened to share and give. But at no cost will you settle for less and pretend that you feel fulfilled by a shallow relationship.  That's how I interpret what you are dealing with lately.

More time for yourself, your work, your correspondence and your purpose!!!

I feel the same and I have felt like this pretty much all my life.  Maybe that's what saved me from drowning in my own drama or from associating and reproducing with dangerous people.  I call them as my title says: Beauty stealers.  If your soul is poisoned, your body will also suffer.  I have become an expert at identifying these people and consequently my social life is very minimal.  I have a strong aversion for anything or anyone that makes me feel like I'm wasting my precious life away.  Don't get me wrong here; I am not keeping myself from spending time with people who challenge my comfort zone and I can totally recognize and appreciate adversity. It's pure growth. In my utopian world, we could all benefit from exchanging point of views and differences with wide opened eyes and free from judgment.  When your soul is healthy you don't need religion, gurus, gangs, politics, drugs and all the soul wrecking addictions out there to know what's right and what's wrong.  Not only for you as an individual but for all the living things on this planet.  You have respect for yourself and for your surroundings.  You seek harmony and constructiveness. Not possession, control and destruction.  I think I was born on the wrong planet.:).

As I want to keep it light, I want you to know that I'm grateful for our communication and feel that I'm expanding since I've started to write my story to you.  I'm looking forward to deepen my liberating journey and for sharing more experiences in our letters.  The emails are very convenient after all and even if you feel bad about not answering fast enough I know you are willing to.  Time is always running out. Like money. Like quality...

Have a great weekend and I'll send you my reply about your last message.

Keep following your guts Sylvie! Self-preservation and pure animalistic instinct in the jungle will keep us alive and well.
Have some fun!
Dear M, 

Thank you for your very encouraging and thoughtful letter. I agree with everything you wrote. I felt the same as you all of my life and that is probably why I was able to eventually break free and I too like you not drown in all the drama and reproduce with unconscious men.
Once we resolve our repression and liberate ourselves, we can't go on as if, and at no cost we will settle for less and pretend that we feel fulfilled by a shallow relationship. I always say it's better to be alone and to know that I am alone than to be with someone and nevertheless to be alone. I don't feel lonely when I am alone, but I feel lonely sometimes when I am with people.

You are a breath of fresh air, because I don’t come across many people that communicates at the emotional level as clear as you. Congratulations! Most people I know are lost in their sharp intellect and totally disconnected from their true authentic feelings deceiving themselves and others, incapable of understanding their own feelings and the feelings of others.

 So true, if we take others poisons, our body will suffer. Congratulations in no longer be willing to take others poisons. You are so right when our soul is free or healthy and we are autonomous human beings, we don't need drugs, religion, gurus, gangs, politics, to teach us what is wrong or right for us, we naturally know it and we are not interested in possessions, manipulations, control and destruction. Me too I think I was born in the wrong planet.

Enjoy your new found freedom,


Saturday, February 25, 2017

They are Thirsty for Blood

A startling number of Americans think the US will get into another major war under Trump

Facebook post from the sharing of the article in the link above.

Unless there is a way to remove Trump administration from power, for sure this administration will take us to a major war. They are thirsty for blood.

Edward G. Daniels with his stupid rhetoric, yes! This is what you supporters voted for....I hope your sons and daughters will be happy!

Sylvie Imelda Shene Donald Trump administration is hoping to trigger a major terrorist attack in the near future, so they can exploit it to strengthening their power over us, to oppress us and take us into a major war under the disguise of keeping us safe.

I agree with George Clooney

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Donald Trump is Staking the Soul of America

8 Signs You're in a Relationship With a Gaslighter

"Gaslighting is a form of persistent manipulation and brainwashing that causes the victim to doubt her or himself, and to ultimately lose their own sense of perception, identity, and self-worth. Gaslighting statements and accusations are usually based on blatant lies or exaggeration of the truth. The term is derived from the 1944 film Gaslight, in which a husband tries to convince his wife that she’s insane by causing her to question herself and her reality.
In its milder forms, gaslighting creates a subtle but inequitable power dynamic in a relationship, with the gaslightee subjected to the gaslighter’s unreasonable, rather than fact-based, scrutiny, judgment, or micro-aggression. At its worst, pathological gaslighting constitutes a severe form of mind-control and psychological abuse. Gaslighting can occur in personal relationships, with verbal, emotional, and/or physical hostility from one partner to the other; at the workplace, when a supervisor regularly and unfairly berates employees; or across an entire nation, as when commercial advertising or public figures make pronouncements that are clearly contrary to the public good." Read more here 
#DonaldTrump is doing to America exactly what the sociopaths/assholes at the community where I used to work for nine and half years tried to do to me after I published my book. My understanding of the human mind was too threaten for them that they started gaslighting me in hope with their lies and mind games would get me to doubt my reality and drive me to self-destruct. Donald Trump is stalking the soul of America the same way the sociopaths/assholes at my job did, but sadly most people in America are too emotionally blind to see through it and they might destroy America as we know it and many lives in the process.  

I could not agree more with George Clooney! "“We have a demagogue in the White House. We need the fourth estate, which is journalists, to hold his feet to the fire.
They didn’t do a very good job during the campaign. And they haven’t done a particularly good job yet. But those things will change.
The idea that Donald Trump is a man of the people is the biggest political scam perpetrated in American history since Republican voters were somehow convinced that George W. Bush was somehow a “political outsider.”
Donald Trump is a representation of the very worst of the American wealthy elites who view their compatriots as nothing more than a means to the end. Bannon, a former Goldman executive, is similarly connected to the ruling elites that have outright purchased the Republican Party and plot to squeeze every last cent from the American middle class. Clooney’s comments are spot on and are sure to make President Trump glower in anger." Read more here 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Why 2016 Was the Year the Feminist Bubble Burst

Like many journalists who write about the intersections of gender and politics, I was asked to draft an essay in advance of election night about the meaning of Hillary Clinton’s expected victory. I felt a superstitious unease—despite the pollsters’ assurances, I had always been terrified about the outcome—but I banged something out. The piece, excruciating to read now, discussed the significance of Clinton running on an explicitly feminist platform and winning thanks to women’s votes. I wrote about her promise to assemble a half-female Cabinet. “Her victory is a sign that the gender hierarchy that has always been fundamental to our society—that has always been fundamental to most societies—is starting to collapse,” I wrote just before Nov. 8. “In America, men no longer rule. Obviously, I was very wrong. Instead of the year that the highest glass ceiling shattered, 2016 might go down as the year the feminist bubble burst. In America, men have always ruled, and right now I wonder if they always will.Read more here

Under Trump is going to be a lot more discrimination in the work place: “With colleges no longer worried about federal action on campus rape, enforcement will loosen up, and college men will realize they can emulate the president of the United States with impunity. The same will happen in many workplaces. Trump will be able to appoint a new chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency where a woman would file a complaint if she’s fired for getting pregnant, or if her boss, say, grabs her by the pussy. As avenues of redress for sexual discrimination and harassment close off, men who’ve been stewing about political correctness will discover a pleasing new latitude in their relations with women. Women who’ve fallen out of the habit of survival flirting will relearn it.” Read more here

Yes 2016 it’s the year the feminist bubble burst, because they refuse to look at the roots causes that all of our troubles begins with the mother and until the feminists can see this painful truth, they will never be able to stop the vicious cycle of some men AND some women taking revenge on other women for the wrongs done to them by their own mothers when they were defenseless little children. Like Alice Miller wrote: thank you for your letter, I am so glad for you that you have widely open your eyes and have the courage to check the courage of the therapists you are talking to so that you will not become a victim of illusions. You can check 20 of them, probably you will get the same answers, full of avoidance but maybe you will find eventually somebody who will answer your questions honestly. If not you learned a lot, and you can benefit from this experience. Concerning the feminist therapists I agree with you completely. I wrote already 30 yours ago that females can abuse their babies, infants and small children with a total impunity, nobody controls them. They can take on their children all the humiliations they suffered from men in our society. Later, their sons who “love” their mothers can transfer their rage onto their daughters or other women or make war and rape women but still adore, defend, and respect their mothers because what they suffered as small children stays unconscious totally repressed. And many of us seem to need for a long time the illusion of having had a wonderful mother. You are right, the tragedy begins with the mother that is protected by all societies and honored in most religions as the innocent sainte. In German exist already some books that broke with this taboo but for the English publications you must look at Google. The book by Bass and Davis is very helpful for victims of sexual child abuse but unfortunately the authors who are feminists write that only very few women abuse children. That is absolutely not true. There are apparently also women pedophile who live with boys of 10 to 12 year old and say that this is (for them!!!) a beautiful ”relationship”. Not to be aware of using children to revenge their own trauma and ruining their lives is not only the attitude of men but of both genders as long as child abuse remains an issue avoided by the whole ignorant society. Read more here

Matriarchy? Patriarchy? Thank you for sharing with us your experiences with women in their position as teachers or girls at school. I am very sorry that you suffered so much from their cruelty and I don’t doubt even for a while that things happened in the way you describe them. But I don’t think that gender makes a difference when it goes to cruelty. Active cruelty is the effect of endured violence and perversion in childhood and nothing else. Feminists dislike my statements very much when I write in many books (as the Drama, Banished Knowledge, Breaking Down and others) that the space society gives to man to rage and destroy life with impunity is the war and to women their home where they can do whatever they want to their babies and toddlers to teach them to obey. What they do in this way, never controlled, never punished, is to cripple millions of people who will never accuse them of their crimes because every child loves her/ his mother and would never, never put her in troubles. Rather they would hate the whole world or all women, but the own mother must stay protected from their hatred for ever. In this way we turn in a vicious circle of blindness. A brutally beaten child will, as adult, prefer becoming a serial killer to accusing his mother of brutality. And the same is true for crazy dictators who even become “heroes” for whole nations because people learned so early to love and admire the persons who were cruel to them – no matter what they really did. Read more here

The price for protecting the Mothers. Your quotations from Bass and Davis show how the profound denial of the mother’s role could since camouflage the truth and sometimes block the path to effective therapy. I observe everywhere how ideologies hinder us to see simple facts. Why stay many buttered women for years with their husbands and try to help them because (as they say) they “love” them, if they KNOW that tomorrow they will be hit again? I think these are the women that had to learn in the very first years of their lives to accept hittings from their mothers and never protest against this terror but indulge it with love. There was no other choice.” Read more here

Everyone Wants to Change the World, but no one wants to face and feel the roots causes! 
Just as Alice Miller wrote in her article The Ignorance or How we Produce Evil:
"Every dictator torments his people in the same way he was tormented as a child. The humiliations inflicted on these dictators in adult life had nothing like the same influence on their actions as the emotional experiences they went through in their early years. Those years are “formative” in the truest sense: in this period the brain records or “encodes” emotions without (usually) being able to recall them at will. As almost every dictator denies his sufferings (his former total helplessness in the face of brutality) there is no way that he can truly come to terms with them. Instead he will have a limitless craving for scapegoats on whom he can avenge himself for the fears and anxieties of childhood without having to re-experience those fears."

Winning Elections, Losing Votes

Republicans are opportunists that exploit every situation and not afraid to play dirty to get what they want. Democrats worry too much about their image wanting to appear to be the grown up in the room, but they have to learn to take advantage of every opportunity to their advantage and play dirty like the republicans do, if they want to get anywhere.